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A bit of simplicity and class is what you'll receive from my rustic workshop. Our products are made with good health & natural care in mind. Take a step back in time with our handmade products for your home, health & beauty. From my family to yours.


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Soy Container Candles

A more natural & clean candle.

A Rustic Moment In Time

Natural Products from my family to yours!


Incredible 💗

Home Sweet Home Soy Candle

This candle is wonderful. The scent is strong but this candle does not throw off the smoke like my Yankee Candles have done in the past!!! It's awesome! I love it.

Misty L.


Coffee & Creme Goats Milk Soap

I got a sample of this soap at a bazaar last weekend. I can't get enough of it! It smells so good! In addition to that, it is moisturizing. I have very dry and sensitive skin. I can't use many products. This soap has been perfect for me. I'm ordering more!


Lemon Drop Soap

I have very oily skin so I have tried so many different soaps and face washes but none of them seem to be any different from the next. I have even tried homemade goat milk soap before, it was a little better but not by much. Then, I tried this lemon soap and fell in love! This soap made my face and body feel SO clean! Normally after I wash my face, it feels oily within an hour. Not with this soap. The little bits of coconut feel so great exfoliating my skin, it makes me feel so fresh and clean, and smells amazing. It can't hurt that lemon is one of my favorite scents ever! I swear by this soap!

Stephanie G.

Heaven In A Can!

Mango Vanilla Lotion Bar

This lotion smells so good. It makes your skin so soft and I love how I can carry it around in my coat pocket. Cold weather is here and this is a must have, for sure! 💗💗💗

Misty L.

Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

My legs have been way more dry this winter than usual. I was itching so bad that I scratched my legs to scabs. I used this scrub one time and felt so much better. I didn't itch at all anymore and it left my legs feeling so moisturized.

Sandy S.

Candy Cane Lip Balm

This is the first time I've tried this chapstick, & I'm amazed! I will never buy chapstick anywhere else.

Misty L.

Soothing Salve


Amy M.


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